All Of Our Locations Now Use CloudLinux!

After a long journey, all 8 of our DirectAdmin web hosting servers now use CloudLinux for hardened security and additional features. The latest and final location to receive this was New York, USA!

Now we’re locked and loaded with CloudLinux, here’s some of the features to expect with our plans:

Caged File System

CloudLinux caged file system diagram

This is necessary for security. It protects your file system from being accessed by other users on the server and keeps it in a securely isolated container.

Multi PHP Selector

CloudLinux multiple php selector

Now you can go back in time and enjoy older versions of PHP 5.6-7.4 without having to worry about security. CloudLinux has got you covered and provide hardened versions of some old classics.

Node.JS & Python

CloudLinux Python selector

All CloudLinux servers come with the ability to deploy Node.JS applications using Node.js versions 12 and 13 as well as Python applications using Python 2.7 and 3.7.

Our next goal would be consistently upgrading to CloudLinux 8 on all servers when that’s possible.

Here’s a look at the differences in versions between each server.

CloudLinux 7:

  • GER
  • LAX
  • LON
  • MEL
  • SGP

CloudLinux 8:

  • AMS
  • LUX
  • NYC

So there you go! We’re now fully converted to CloudLinux and all systems are a go!

View our CloudLinux resource limit specifications here.

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