Behind the Scenes: SmallWeb Hosting Server Specifications

We utilise a mix of virtual servers as well as proven dependable reseller plans from various upstream partners around the world to provide high quality services within our target audience. This blog post will outline the basics of our servers; their locations, their software and their hardware.

We offer shared and reseller hosting in 8 locations:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)
  • Germany, Europe (GER)
  • Los Angeles, United States (LAX)
  • London, United Kingdom (LON)
  • Luxemourg, Europe (LUX)
  • Melbourne, Australia (MEL)
  • New York, United States (NYC)
  • Singapore, Asia (SGP)

You can view a full table of our server’s hardware and software specifications for each location below.

Label Webserver CloudLinux RAM CPU Storage IPv6?
AMS Apache Yes 8GB AMD Epyc 60GB SSD Yes
GER Apache Yes 2GB AMD Ryzen 60GB NVMe  
LAX Apache Yes 4GB AMD Ryzen 60GB NVMe Yes
LON Apache Yes 16GB Intel Xeon 120GB SSD  
LUX Apache Yes 4GB Intel Xeon 80GB SSD Yes
MEL Apache Yes 4GB Intel Xeon 150GB NVMe Yes
NYC Apache Yes 4GB Intel Xeon 80GB SSD Yes
SGP LiteSpeed Yes 4GB Intel Xeon 50GB NVMe Yes

Last Updated: 12th July 2020

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