How to Backup Your SmallWeb DirectAdmin Hosting Plan

Backups are a vital part to having an online presence. If you make a change or something goes wrong you will need a reliable copy of your data to revert back to. With SmallWeb’s shared and reseller hosting plans it’s easier than ever to create a backup of your website data using the DirectAdmin control panel and tools such as Softaculous.

In this guide, we’ll go through two ways you can backup your SmallWeb hosting plan.

1. Softaculous Automatic Backups

If you’ve taken use of the Softaculous Apps Installer included with all of our plans you’ll be happy to know that you can configure automatic backups to be taken with a few clicks.

extra features directadmin

Find the “Softaculous Auto Installer” page within the “Extra Features” subsection of DirectAdmin.

Navigate to the “All Installations” page and then select the edit function next to your installation.softaculous all installationsOnce you’re within the edit page of your installation scroll down until you see the backup settings.

   Open the dropdown next to “Automated backups” and select your desired option between daily, weekly, monthly and during a custom schedule.

Now your Softaculous backup files will automatically be generated and saved in your chosen location.


2. DirectAdmin User Backups

From within the DirectAdmin control panel you can instantly generate a full backup of your user account which will include all of your domain names, databases and web data.

directadmin advanced features

To get started, find the “Create/Restore Backups” page from within the “Advanced Features” subsection of DirectAdmin. Or simply search for it within the search box.

Once you’re on the page, you can configure multiple different options for the backup system to implement before you generate a backup.

  • Website Data: Files within your website’s public directory
  • Domains Directory: Backs up all user files for all domains
  • Subdomains Lists: Backs up the list of subdomains for each domain
  • E-mail Accounts List for all domains (names and passwords)
  • E-mail Data: Includes the messages from the Inbox, IMAP Folders, and webmail data.
  • E-mail Settings: Includes the filters and the catchall address.
  • Forwarders: Includes all forwarding addresses.
  • Autoresponders: Includes all autoresponders and messages.
  • Vacation Messages: Includes all vacation messages and times.
  • FTP Accounts: Backs up all FTP user accounts and account configurations.
  • Database: Backs up SQL database files.
  • Database Settings: Backs up all DB Users and DB Settings

Once you’ve confirmed your settings click the “Create Backup” button at the bottom of the screen.

Your backup will generate and will be stored in your /user_backups/ directory.

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