How to Start an E-commerce Store with SmallWeb

Online retail is a massively growing industry and more and more people are wanting to start a business from home. Thanks to SmallWeb it’s now incredibly easy and affordable to do so. Using tools like WooCommerce through WordPress and Softaculous with our Directadmin hosting can get your business online in a matter of minutes.

Simply follow our helpful steps to starting your own e-commerce store as guided below.

1. Plan a Business Niche

It’s important to target a specific audience for your business as there can be large competition when trying to sell to a general audience. You’re more likely to succeed by picking a business or product that fits a gap in the market and isn’t overly saturated. You should always think of the supply versus the demand of what you’re offering.

2. Purchase a Domain Name

You’ll need to purchase a Top Level Domain to ensure your business is trustworthy and legitimate. The most popular Top Level Domain is ‘.com’ which is available from SmallWeb for £7.99 per year.

To make it simple for your customers, you should choose a domain name that relates to your product or business. Or at the very least, something snappy that can roll off the tongue and isn’t going turn your potential customers away.

3. Purchase Website Hosting

buy woocommerce hosting

You should always plan accordingly. How big is your e-commerce website going to be and how big are you planning to expand it? Whatever the case, SmallWeb can help you build and grow your E-commerce store with our shared or reseller hosting plans.

Here’s just how easy the process is!

  • Select your hosting plan from our shared hosting form
  • Enter your domain name as outlined in Step 3.
  • Open the email with your DirectAdmin details.
  • Log in to DirectAdmin to get started

We offer hosting in Amsterdam, Germany, Los Angeles, Luxembourg, London, Melbourne, New York and Singapore. Just in case you didn’t know.

4. Install WordPress

After logging in to DirectAdmin, it’s time to choose how you want to install WordPress.

WordPress is a Content Management System software that has multiple add-ons and plugins to enhance it’s features and convert it to the perfect E-commerce platform.

With SmallWeb, you can easily install WordPress with the Softaculous Apps Installer included for free with any of our shared or reseller hosting plans.

Using Softaculous, you just need to select your domain name, enter your WordPress set up information and click install.

wordpress softaculous

Alternatively, you can manually install WordPress by downloading the files from their website. You’ll need to upload them to your hosting account’s web directory and complete the installation through your browser.

5. Set Up WooCommerce

Now it’s time for the fun part. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that implements the necessary functions for your website to perform like a shop would. Including product pages, user accounts, invoice tracking and order tracking capabilities.

install woocommerce

To get started, go the the “Plugins” section of WordPress and then “Add New”. Enter “WooCommerce” in the search bar and it should be the first one to pop up. Click on “Install” and then “Activate.”

You’ll be taken to a detailed configuration screen where you’ll need to input all of the relevant details about your business, payment methods and other related information. From then, you’re able to customise your website design, add new plugins and best of all add your products as easily as uploading a .csv file. No really, you can import from Shopify and AliExpress.

6. Advertise Your Business

Now that your business is online all that’s left to do is attract new customers. Start spreading the word about your new website on social media and to friends and family. Once your business grows, you can expand and reach out in multiple different advertising platforms whether they’re free or paid.

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