Moving Away from CentOS and CloudLinux

CloudLinux is a third party software for web-hosting businesses and their servers, and requires CentOS. It provides cadded value and security based features. We began using this on our servers in 2019 mainly because of our growth and the need for caged user isolation to protect our customers and their data. However, it’s now 2021 and we’re going to let you know a few of the reasons we’ll be gradually moving away from using this software in the future.

Caged User Isolation

The main feature of CloudLinux that was a must-have for a growing web hosting company was user isolation (via CageFS). Last year, DirectAdmin implemented native user isolation crossing off one of the required features.

DirectAdmin Pro Pack

DirectAdmin are releasing a “Pro Pack”, which is an add-on available for DirectAdmin users. It will include features like:

  • WordPress management
  • GIT management and support
  • Python/Java/Ruby/Perl/NodeJS support
  • Advanced backup manager
  • External DNS support
  • Resource throttling
  • Advanced email track and trace

This new Pro Pack will cover some key things that cross-over with CloudLinux, such as Python/NodeJS support and the ability to throttle user resources which makes it quite appealing to us.

Our Future Plans

We’re preparing to use the DirectAdmin Pro Pack in all eligible locations, as opposed to CloudLinux.

It makes sense to support the company providing the control panel and keeps things simple by removing responsibility from additional third parties as possible. As well as that, it also provides features that other software offer for additional costs, saving us from paying for more licenses than we can keep track of.

Over the coming months, CloudLinux will slowly be phased out of our other locations.

Because we no longer need CloudLinux, we’ll also be moving our infrastructure back to Debian. This will involve us deploying brand new servers and setting everything up from scratch but we’re working with our providers to maintain our IP pools so you shouldn’t experience any downtime.

We’ll continue to provide updates about the implementation and features within the Pro Pack on our blog.

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