Refer Your Friends to SmallWeb!

The long anticipated affiliate program is now available within SmallWeb’s portal software Blesta!

We’ve made sure to update our portal to the latest release of Blesta (V4.11) to offer this new feature, as well as others to our customers as soon as possible. Now you can earn a commission based on every customer you refer to SmallWeb subject to our Affiliate Scheme’s Terms and Conditions below.

1. How to Sign Up

affiliate navigation button

From within the SmallWeb client portal, click through to the affiliate page from within the new “Affiliates” navigation menu. Once you’re on the new affiliates page, simply click “Activate Account”.

2. Using Your Referral Link

You can simply paste your link wherever you’ll be receiving traffic. You can adjust our order form links to add your referral’s syntax to the end of the URL and you can benefit from our commission scheme.

3. Commission Amount

We’re launching this with a humble commission rate to begin with. We’re offering 10% to you for referring your friends. That’s 10% of the value of the product or service that they purchase.

4. Affiliate Terms of Service

The following terms and conidtions apply to participants of our affiliate system to protect our company against fraud.

  • You cannot refer yourself or somebody¬† else within your household or internet network.
  • Your referral links must not be ‘cookie stuffed’ and must be legitimate.
  • You can withdraw your earnings once you reach 10.00 GBP of matured credit balance.
  • You can withdraw your earnings to PayPal or use them toward invoices once matured.

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