SmallWeb Mid-Year Reflections

As a somewhat continuation of our “SmallWeb Changes in 2020” post we’re going to be reflecting on our progress half way through the year and see about what’s next to come in the world of SmallWeb.

Setting The Core Plans

Early in the year I decided to drop 5GB and above plans from the SmallWeb brand deeming them not relevant enough for SmallWeb. After, we established the following DirectAdmin web hosting plans:

½GB – £3.99 / year

  • ½GB NVMe/SSD
  • 1 Domain Names
  • 100GB Transfer

1GB – £6.99 / year

  • 2GB NVMe/SSD
  • 10 Domain Names
  • 250GB Transfer

2GB – £9.99 / year

  • 2GB NVMe/SSD
  • 20 Domain Names
  • 500GB Transfer

smallweb hosting plans

However earlier this month in June of 2020, we did release our new subsidiary brand which contains plans from 5GB – 25GB NVMe storage and the surely-missed “Unmetered” and “Unlimited” bandwidth and accounts within the DirectAdmin control panel.

Upgrading The Infrastructure

If you’re a frequent reader of the blog, I’m sure you’ve heard all about or plans to change up the server set up of our services. If you’ve missed out on that don’t worry, here’s a recap just for you:

  • In March, we migrated Los Angeles services from Intel Xeon to AMD Ryzen.
  • In April, we migrated Germany services from Intel Xeon to AMD Ryzen.
  • Luxembourg and New York changes to AMD & NVMe planned within 2020.
CloudLinux Logo

Further beyond the mentioned changes and aspirations in our post, some unwritten goals were also achieved such as the conversion to CloudLinux for 6 of our shared hosting servers. It’s weird to think, but 6 months ago only 2 of our locations were using this great software. As an additional goal, we’re also hoping to convert services in Germany and New York to CloudLinux as soon as it’s possible.

We’re also looking in to the possibility of upgrading services in London (LON) and Amsterdam (AMS) from standard SSD storage to NVMe storage so you can get even more bang for your buck.

Hitting Targets

We’ve not really set targets as a company before but I noticed we’re coming up on a pretty sweet milestone of 500 registered customers so I thought I’d mention it as a happy soon-to-come milestone. Thank you everyone who chooses to be a part of our community here at SmallWeb, it simply would not exist without you and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Lessons Learned

January was a big month for learning lessons the hard way. We unfortunately suffered a data loss incident on a server in Los Angeles due to incorrect verification of the backup script used to store data for emergency restoration. We have improved our policy with recommendations that users continuously backup their data independently but have also now fully verified and improved our backup systems and the redundancy of our backup systems to keep on getting better.


In June 2020 we finally implemented automatic Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments for services. You no longer have to worry about opening a support ticket and manually sending cryptocurrency to our wallet address. You can now simply pay straight from your invoice using with over 51 different cryptocurrencies. Hoorah!

In Summary

We’ve made some big leaps to new shiny hardware, improved the service quality with improvements such as CloudLinux and trimmed back the fat within our service offering to focus on three main packages that make SmallWeb all that worthwhile. We’ve been through ups and downs but 2020 has been a really big year for SmallWeb, and will continue to be one throughout the next 6 months. We’re going to continue to work hard to upgrade the specifications of all servers further as well as complete upgrades to the hardware types.

Your friends at SmallWeb