Some SmallWeb Changes in 2020

SmallWeb is making some changes during 2020 to help secure and sustain long-term business as well as invest future in our infrastructure.

1. Unmetered Bandwidth:

Whilst a good advertising feature, the need for “Unmetered” bandwidth did not apply to the majority of our customers and services through this brand and just leaves room for confusion and worst of all: additional clicks to our policies to find out the limitations and clauses to cover fair usage.

We’re now setting basic limits which we’re sure will accommodate 99.9% of customers.

  • ½GB -100GB per month
  • 1GB – 250GB per month
  • 2GB – 500GB per month

To date we have not seen a customer reach these numbers with our prior policy but we will of course be happy to work with customers that could be impacted by change.

2. ½GB Shared Hosting:

We’ll be raising the price of our ½GB shared hosting service from £3.00 to £3.99/year for new services to help ensure competition between our packages.

3. 5GB Shared Hosting:

We’ll be removing the 5GB plan from the public order form right now but have plans to offer it again and further services separately through our subsidiary brand.

4. Legacy Name Servers:

We emailed customers last month about the discontinuation of our legacy nameservers. This includes nameservers ending with the domain. Our new cluster nameservers are available to view via your email history which can be viewed within our client portal or in our knowledgebase.

5. AMD Ryzen & EPYC:

We’re continuing to move away from Intel and on to AMD processors to improve value and quality of our service offerings.

  • In March, we migrated Los Angeles services from Intel Xeon to AMD Ryzen.
  • In April, we migrated Germany services from Intel Xeon to AMD Ryzen.
  • There are plans to migrated New York services from Intel Xeon to AMD Ryzen.
  • London services currently use AMD Epyc processors and no changes planned.
  • Melbourne will continue to use Xeon due to the other additional features.
  • Luxembourg currently uses Xeon but will move to AMD Ryzen eventually.

6. NVMe SSD Storage:

With our move from Intel to AMD we have also been looking to combine that with upgrades to NVMe storage to further improve our service quality. Like the CPU changes, we’re happy to say Los Angeles and Germany services were moved from standard SSD to NVMe storage drives. This is also planned for New York and Luxembourg services at some point in the future.

We look forward to getting on with these upgrades and polishing our service offering. Thank you for being a part of this community!

Your friends at SmallWeb