What’s Next For SmallWeb In 2021

We recently posted our 2020 in review about all of the good things that occurred during that horrible year. Now, it’s time to look forward on to what’s coming next. This post will outline some of our goals for 2021.


We like consistency here at SmallWeb, as well as improving the user’s experience. All of our self-managed servers use the Apache webserver where as our reseller-managed servers use LiteSpeed. Why not meet in the middle and have everything run on OpenLiteSpeed? We’re piloting this change in the coming weeks.

Free Domains

Our higher end web hosting plans come with a range of additional benefits, such as free domain name registrations for eligible plans but we have failed to properly inform people and market this benefit. In 2021, we’ll be looking to advertise this feature much more as well as expand the list of domains extensions tñhat we offer with eligible plans.

Improved Knowledgebase

Our knowledgebase is lack-luster, especially compared to the sheer amount of functionality our services can provide. We’re looking to add a significant amount of articles to our knowledgebase to lower the amount of human interaction via support and provide everything you need to know up front. Some key areas we’ll be focusing on are:

  • Billing
  • Account Management
  • DirectAdmin
  • Email Hosting
  • Website Management

Video Guides

We started a YouTube channel to publish quick follow-along guides to do with SmallWeb and our DirectAdmin services. There was a bulk of content uploaded at the beginning, but much more is needed. In 2021 we hope to publish dozens more video guides, as well as expand to use alternative video platforms such as Vimeo.

Revamped Policies

We review our policies on a regular basis, especially due to the ever-changing state of the hosting industry. We’ll look to clarify anything that requires it and publish and necessary changes on our website. In particular, we’re looking to expand our domain policies, improve our acceptable usage policy and include more information about our support procedures.

OS Changes

We’ll be switching the primary operating system for some of the systems that help us run SmallWeb. In particular, our DNS cluster will change from CentOS to Debian.

While this certainly isn’t everything planned for 2021, it’s a start. If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see Tweet us @SmallWebLtd!

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